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Call/Contact Centres will be the Backbone as the Utility sector moves into a New Era

Can you benefit from your Call Centre Agents' knowledge?

Will the Internet mean that Call Centres are obsolete?

Fed up of missing opportunities for lack of resources? Bringing together business process, technology and people.

Contact/call centre questionnaire
Help us to help you

Holding onto your customers - Are you measuring the true value of the heartbeat of your business - your call centre?

Ensure you benefit from your investment in technology

How your Call/Contact Centre can support the developing role of Supply Chain Management.

Invitation to shape the future - KrisTEL spearheads Malaysian think-tank and council to set standards.

The impact the Call Centre Revolution will have on Asian Service Standards

Your contact centre as the heartbeat of your organisation - How to convey price and product excellence to your customers.

Reaping the full benefit from your CRM technology - The next step for interaction with your customers

Gaining board level support for your call/ contact centre - Convincing the board of your value in the enterprise.