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Fed up of missing opportunities for lack of resources? Source: Callcentre Europe

After 14 years as a consultant in marketing, and telebusiness, Amita Krishna has plenty of experience of that one: "It's a familiar problem. Your organisation needs an extra pair of hands. But you need to protect your human resources budget, and increase return on investment", says Amita, who set up KrisTEL in 1999.

With the growth of e-commerce and m-commerce, more and more business is being conducted on-line. KrisTEL was formed specifically to meet the diverse resource needs of companies operating in this new, interactive world.

KrisTEL develops strategies to raise and manage the quality of key operational aspects of voice, data and screen-based applications. The company's

core expertise is in bringing together an in-depth understanding of the three complementary factors of business process, technology and people.

"This is a time of tremendous change in all three areas," Amita explains. "Technology is making possible all sorts of processes, which in turn are bringing new pressures to bear on the organisation and its people. Quality is under constant threat as the CRM function expands across multi-channel customer contact centres, corporate websites and mobile communications.

"All these elements must be co-ordinated if an organisation hopes to maintain its competitive edge. That is the challenge in the new economy of e-commerce and m-

commerce. Our ability to enhance and transform business performance by integrating people, process and technology, enables us to translate your requirements and deliver innovative, yet pragmatic solutions that achieve your business objectives and ensure a return on investment. In practice, the activity focusses on three key areas:

• strategic consultancy across all aspects of business process, change manage-ment, operation planning and development, and business/ technology integration

• training, with specialised modules for management and leadership development, skills audit, mentoring and training, customer service, performance management, and a range of technical courses for web business development

• marketing services ranging from planning to implementation and fulfilment.

"We always aim to start from a strategic or holistic viewpoint to ensure that the systems, culture, and skills are all in alignment with the overall goals of the organisation. By understanding the real issues, your needs and objectives, KrisTEL places the emphasis on true quality, customer management and delivering straight talking, down to earth quality project management solutions.

KrisTEL's wealth of business experience, the specialist skills it can call on, and the ability to remain objective are its essential strengths. A structured approach and metho-dology combined with a strongly people-orientated philosophy has established KrisTEL as an innovative provider of quality m-commerce consultancy.

Evidence of that lies in the impressive and growing list of clients that have bought training or consultancy services, and recommended

KrisTEL or its sister company Aminet Solutions. "Referrals are driving the growth of our business," Amita points out, "so delivering quality results is our lifeblood".

KrisTEL's client base includes:
British Telecom, IBM, IPC Magazines, Level 1 Marketing, William M. Mercer and NatWest.

Copyright Author:

Amita Krishna
Director of KrisTEL
CallCentre Europe

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