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Invitation to shape the future

KrisTEL is assisting key organisations in taking charge of their future. Call/Contact centres are a valuable resource in the overall corporate structure and should sit firmly at the heart of the communication, marketing and CRM strategies. Technology, people, and process all need to be considered if the return on investment is expected to be delivered within the desired timescale. In the wake of change, organisations need to come together to set standards and expectations on issues such as training, skills level and maintaining a professional service. We must learn from each other and work to gain international recognition and the rewards that come with them.

KrisTEL is spearheading a series of Think Tanks whose

purpose will be to meet and discuss and action the way forward for the Call/Contact Centre industry. By acting as liaisons, the international KrisTEL offices will communicate back to relevant parties in the European, Asian and Indian markets on issues ranging from inward investment, infrastructure, standards and the most recent communication topics affecting Call/Contact Centre industry.

Key industry players are invited to join one of our think Tanks to make a difference to the future of the Call/Contact Centre revolution. For further details contact our Marketing and Communications Department, KrisTEL international, at